July 20, 2013

Favorite Polishes

OK! so this post is inspired from a page of my 'Wreck this Journal'. I loved this book a lot I spent a lot of time working on it and I had a lot of fun with it. If you see my Instagram (@septhyneriadi) you will see a lot of pics from my WTJ. There's this stain log page on the last few pages of this book and I've seen a lot of people putting their favourite nail polishes on this page and I was like 'why not?'. Nail polish have been my obsession for about a year and half now. I got 42 polishes and counting. I know a lot of people could have 10 times more than I do but since I have this page right now, so might as well just do it.Image

Yes, these sixteen polishes are my favourites. However, I love all my nail polishes equally. To be honest, there are some colours that I omit because they did not go well with other colours so... But I put my top five polishes up and that's what I want to discuss in this blog. It's gonna be a very long post if I discuss all 16 of them. And orders aren't necessarily mean they are on top of the list. As I said I love them all equally. Sorry that I can't post a swatch of them one by one.


First one is from Cirque called 'Tibetan Nights'. I've done a review and swatch of this polish in my previous post. If you read it you know how much I love this colour. This polish is gorgeous on its own.


Next up is from O.P.I's Designer collection. This beauty is called 'DS Magic'. Bought it on impulse from David Jones and until now it's still one of my favourite polishes. It's super beautiful when worn; a duochrome of blue and purple with shimmer super beautiful. I've tried capturing the beauty of this but sorry, my photography skill is not so good so it looks just like normal polish in pictures. But people, trust me this is a gorgeous polish O.P.I's designer series are slightly more expensive than their regular ones but hey it's worth it!


Next up is Butter London's Cheeky Chops. I think yellow is the perfect colour for my skin tone. So yeah, a yellow polish is a must have for me. Actually I just got this a week ago and haven't swatch it I've used up my previous polishes from O.P.I. I've worn this once just to try it out but haven't actually rock it. So many polishes not enough fingers.


By now you'll know I love blue, because next polish is from Picture Polish, it is called 'Tiffany'. I've been looking forever for a polish that looks like Tiffany and Co box but had no luck. I've tried a lot of shades from different brands but yeah. I'm so happy to finally found one. Plus this one is also the first indie polish I own and I'm happy about the quality and the colour.


I used this polish in my previous post for a tribal themed mani. This is Lime Crime's 'Pastelchio'. Usually I'm not so big on green coloured polish but I just can't resist this one! Look at the packaging! Darn cute! and the colour is amazing. Too bad it comes in a small bottle

Do you own any of these? what do you guys think?

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