April 27, 2013

Review: Revlon Whimsical



OK! Maybe this polish is not something new. I mean it caused quite a stir in nail polish world like end of last year (I guess) for its likeness to Deborah Lippman's "Glitter in the Air". When I came across this when I was back in Indonesia I knew I have to get it.  At first I did not find this polish as wowza pretty but hey I gave it a go anyway. Turns out I kinda like it. It's been sitting nicely on my nails for about four days now and usually nail polish only stays on my nails for about 2 days. Anyway the blue base color used is The Face Shop's.

This polish came in sheer blue base, you cannot see anything if you do not wear any base color. The glitters are hex blue and pink with smaller glitters. Anyway, in terms of formula I've never been a big fan of Revlon. They bubble like crazy!!! I've never had issues with bubbling seriously but with this God I got a lot! The glitters also slide easily during application and I figured it is better to stamp it rather than swiping it.  Despite the ugly bottle, I hate the brush. It is thin and somehow very hard to apply. Anyway, it came out nicely on my nails and I kinda like it. Despite my bad review here, it is a nice color and a good investment anyhow. I used three coats on the picture above.

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