June 2, 2014

Almost-Free Nail Polish

So today's post is dedicated to this beauty I found a week ago. So there's one Diva store that is closing down in Carousel and basically they cut the price off everything. Diva is an accessories store here in Australia. I am not a big fan of accessories, but my friend is. So we got in and I spotted this gem at the back of the shelf and it's only one dollar. So yeah it has to come home with me. This polish is called pistachio which is a mint creme polish with black matte micro glitters and small hexagonal glitter. It is nicely opaque within two coats but I add a third coat for good measure. So far I actually like it. It is easy to apply, the formula is not thick but it's not thin either. Although the only issue I have is with placing the bigger hexagonal glitter. It's quite hard to get them on to my nails as it tends to sink to the bottom and I have to shake the bottle like crazy and further stamp the glitter on my nails. The staying power is decent too! However, normal price of this polish is like AUD 6.95, which is quite expensive. If you're able to get them on discount I definitely recommend it!

P.S. I'm sorry if the picture is not in a good quality. The weather has been bad for taking pics lately. Bear with me, I'm still learning on how to make friends with my camera and improve my editing skills

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