August 16, 2014

Current Favourite Top Coat

I've used this topcoat for several months now and I can say this is my new favourite top coat! Essie Good to Go promises a fast drying result with high gloss finish and I completely agree with their claim. The drying time is not as quick as poshé topcoat which I previously used, but is still quicker than other fast-drying topcoat that I've tried. I also notice that it makes my mani stays chip-free for longer, although keep in mind that performance is different from polish to polish. As a nail art enthusiast, I find that this topcoat is really nice as it does not drag design and they help even out bumpy designs. What I mean with bumpy is when you put on glitter topcoat or you layer a lot of colours that your nail thickness is different.

Now the issue with most fast drying topcoat is that they often shrinks your manicure! I've tried several that do exactly that and it really bothers me. It is useless if they have amazing staying power but they just shrink your mani. However, I didn't notice any with this topcoat, my mani stays fresh for a good couple of days. Overall, I have to say this is my new favourite top coat and will continue to repurchase.

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