February 19, 2014

NOTD: Revlon Perfumerie Collection in Beachy

I went to Target yesterday and they have the best promotion going on. Revlon nail polishes 2 for the price of 1!!!! So of course I have to get it. Now, scented nail polishes are not new in the beauty world, for some reason I have never been interested in purchasing one; I think they are disgusting. However, this one is an exception. Firstly, look at the packaging! It's super cute. When I first saw it I thought it is a real perfume. Secondly, they have a nice selection of colours. Third, the scent is just... different. It ranges from sweets & spices, fruits & florals to fresh.

Anyway, I got this colour called 'Beachy', it is a pretty bronzy gold colour and I have nothing like this in my collection. I am a big fan of a big fanned out brushes, as my nails are quite big so fatter brushes really helps. However, this one comes with a skinny brush, so I am quite disappointed. The polish itself is more on the watery side. However, for this polish I think the combo of skinny brush and watery polish is what makes this polish very easy to apply. I did this mani last night with poor lightning, woke up and I was like 'wow, my nails look good!' Pigmentation is very good. I wear two coats for pictures above. Drying time is pretty quick as well, for this mani I don't wear any fast-drying topcoat and it only needs around 30 minutes to dry completely. My only issues with this polish is bubbling, it's not too apparent though, so it's just a minor issues for me. You can see it the bubbling issue on my second picture especially on my pinky finger.

Scent wise, this polish is in the 'fresh' group. Sniffing the polish straight from the bottle is a bad idea, I actually think it smells more chemical-y than my other polishes. As stated by revlon the scents can only be revealed when polish is dry. I wear no top coat because when you do I think the smell won't be so apparent. After it's dry the scent is faint ( but you know it's there. It smells sweet, fresh and very summery. I have to literally sniff my nails in order to smell it, and now I am sniffing my nails because it smells so good.

So if you think by wearing this polish, you don't have to wear any perfume because your whole body will smell good, definitely no. In order to smell any, you have to really sniff your nails. If you're like me who can't bear very strong scent this is definitely worth trying.

Overall, I think you should give this one a go. Despite the fact that you like the added perfume or not, this is a very good quality polish. I can't give you my overall thoughts on this collection, because I only have two of this polishes. A review for the other one coming soon, so stay tuned. However, I really like this polish. So the question is, is it worth checking out? Definitely YES!

What are your thoughts on this one? Do you have it? Do you like it as much as I do? Will you get it after reading this?

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