September 1, 2014

August Favourites!

1-9: Anastasia Dipbrow in Ebony, Bare Minerals Matte Foundation, Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Mario Bodescu Facial Spray, Woodwick Trilogy Candle, YSL La Laque Couture #50, Orly Bonder, Sigma Spa mini
Seems like it has been ages since I last post something non-nail related, so today let's talk about things I have been loving this month. Before I start, can you believe it's September already? Time flies so quickly and before you know it, it's christmas! Keep reading to see what I have been loving this month.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony
When this first came out few months ago, everyone is raving about this. I love my brows and a brow product in a form of gel/mousse that won't budge really tickles my fancy. Problem is this is sold out almost everywhere and I only manage to get my hands on it earlier this month. This stuff is amazing! It is really pigmented so you only need to touch the product with any brow brush to pick up product. Looks really natural, lasts all day long and it also helps to keep my brow hair in place so you don't have to set everything with brow gel.

2-5. Goss No-Cakey Foundation Routine
I learned this technique from Wayne Goss to stop the cakey foundation look by using mineral foundation first before liquid foundation and then set everything with rose water. These are the products I use everyday on my face for this techniques. With this technique the first layer of Bare Mineral foundation gives a bit of coverage, which means less liquid foundation is needed. I usually use 2-3 pumps of Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, but now I only use 1 pump to get medium coverage and it's enough to cover my neck too! I love Real Techniques Buffing Brush to really buff foundation into my skin. In another video, he also taught me to set my face with rosewater after powder to take away that powdery look and I bought Mario Bodescu Facial Spray to get the job done. I didn't include powder I use in this picture but I love Face of Australia Loose Translucent Powder.

6. Woodwick Trilogy Candle in Sunset Bonfire
This candle is genius! It has three different scent so the scent as you burn it the scent will change. 3 scents in this candle are: Campfire Marshmallow, gold spun sugar and Sand & Driftwood. I love this because not only it smells yummy the quality is really good too! I love how quickly the fragrance travel across the room, it burns beautifully and I love how it makes that soft crackling sound as it burns. Just make sure you trim the wick every now and then otherwise it will smoke really bad. Once I left the wick a bit too long my room smokes really bad and I woke up with black nostrils (disgusting, I know!).

7.YSL Bleu Celadon
This stuff is perfection! I got this one as a treat for my birthday and I love it! If you're curious about this, read my review here. It's the perfect blue that in different lighting will look almost minty. I love everything about this stuff the colours, the packaging, the formula and the brush. Absolutely in love!

8. Orly Bonder
I mentioned this stuff briefly this post. I always apply base coat before I paint my nails; trust me it makes a big difference. This stuff dries quickly so by the time you finish painting your ten digits with this you can paint your nails with the colour you want right away. It does what a base coat supposed to do: prolong your manicure and protect your natural nails from staining. If you're on the lookout for a good base coat go check it out!

9. Sigma Spa
The one I have here is actually the sample version I got as a birthday gift. I hate cleaning my brushes but there's no better feeling in the world than applying makeup on your face with squeaky clean brushes. With this I find I can wash my brush a lot quicker and it helps to wash off soap residue a lot better than doing it manually so my brushes dry quicker. I can really see myself buying the original size in the near future.

So that's all for what I have been loving this month. What have you been loving? Let me know!

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