January 19, 2014

Toast Mani

I haven't post something for such a long time! So what I'm going to post some nail art I did about a month ago. I haven't post any because well, my phone is being weird and I keep all of my nail art photos there. I am learning how to use the camera, but no luck until now it looks worse than using my phone.



So the theme is toast mani and anything possible as  a topping. Got the inspiration while I was washing dishes and I was like hey, let's do this.

Anyway, I just bought the white polish from OPI it is called "Alpine Snow". I was like seriously? took me this long to grab this one? It is amazing, super easy to apply and no bald patches and all good stuff. I had serious problem with white polishes before they are just the hardest to work with.

So, what do you think of this mani?

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