October 18, 2013

Simple Mani

Hi Guys! Been such a long time. I seriously missing nail art, but nothing much I can do. If you remember that I broke my nails. It started to grow but yeah... not good enough for nail art. However, this simple mani is such a lifesaver, it looks so good and I got a lot of compliments with it. I posted a nail art before inspired by Madeline Poole and today's post is also inspired by her.

Personally, I prefer simple but effective nail art rather than intricate nail art with a lot of details. I mean to begin with, they were so difficult to make but I don't know there's this great feeling of satisfaction after I finished that intricate nail art. However, those intricate nail art is kinda boring for me, maybe within 1 or 2 days I will wipe it off, but with simple mani, it goes a long way. I wiped this off on the 4th day of wear. Hehehe still not that long compared to others tho!



I really like this look. It matches every outfit and I think it is great for every season. It is very easy, all you need is just a sheer polish and some nail art striping tape (they were so cheap on ebay!).

So what's your take on this mani? Do you prefer simpler mani or intricate nail art?

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