September 29, 2013

Army Nail Art

Okay, So I blended my left index fingernail; ouch. So basically this means I can't paint on it. It tear all the way down to the middle so... yeah. I wish it could grow back quickly. So for the time being... I am not gonna do any nail art, simply because my right hand will be the star in pictures and I cannot do much with my left hand.

Anyway... I had a lots of nail arts I haven't post here. So today is a camo nail art. Always wanted to do this mani, but it's just so hard to get a great green camo nail polish. Finally got one from Revlon Colorstay range, it is called 'Spanish Moss'. Not usually a big fan of Revlon because they have this GREAT BIG bubble issues. Surprisingly, I kinda like this range. Ok I still have bubble issues but not as much; and I love the brush. What can I say?



What do you think? I think it is cute and perfect for fall or maybe it's the type of mani you would wear to an adventurous trip somewhere? And this mani is very easy to do.  After you paint your nails with camo-green nail polish, just wiggle and dab grey, black, yellow and brown. The good thing about this nail art is that you do not have to be neat or anything, it still look great.

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