July 18, 2013

Galaxy Nails

OK! I did this nails like weeks ago and uploaded it on Instagram. Can't do nail art at the moment because my hands are swollen for what reasons I don't even know. It looks so ugly when painted so I just leave them bare. Well let my nails breathe for a while. 

I've always love galaxy nails look. It's not the easiest nail art to do. I mean it's just sponging the colours here and there, but the problem is what colour exactly? I've tried numerous times for this look, but unfortunately none of them actually worked out. However, this time I'm pretty pleased with how my galaxy nails turned out to be. YEAY


What do you guys think? Anyway I've been working on a better quality pictures. I got my Sony Camera back but seriously taking pictures from iPhone been so convenient to me that I forgot how to take pictures with actual camera. Do you guys have any idea how to do that? Please leave me a comment. Everytime I'm trying to take a pic of my nails it just blurred out and focused on the walls instead of my nails. Seriously super annoying. Here's a picture I took with my camera and polish I used for this mani.



Polish used: pink and purple from Kit Cosmetics 'Rock and Romance' minis, China Glaze 'White On' and Sally Hansen 'Disco Ball'. You see my problem here with cameras. Why is the picture so blue anyway? hahaha help me please?

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