August 27, 2014

Paws and Claws Care Routine

Being a nail polish addict, it is inevitable that my nails get stained and weak over time. Therefore my paws need extra TLC to keep them looking healthy. I'd say my hand and nail care routine is really simple. Keep reading if you'd like to know my hand and nail care routine.

As a general rule, I never leave my nail polish on for more than 4 days because my nails need to breathe and usually within the 4 days mark I'll have some noticeable tip wear. My favourite nail polish remover is Cutex Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover because it is cheap, efficient and non-drying to my nails and cuticles. Don't forget to wash your hands after removing polishes to clean any excess remover that can dry your nails.

On a daily basis, my go to handbag staple handcream is L'occitane  Verveine Gel Creme because it smells lovely and light so it absorbs quickly. I also apply cuticle oil sometimes before bed or whenever I'm watching a movie. I've tried several store bought cuticle oil/butter but none of them is doing anything for me. The one I'm using is a DIY which is just a mix of Olive oil, jojoba oil and a bit of Palmer's cocoa butter body oil for scent and added vitamin E. Before bed I always heavier hand cream like Burt's Bees Almond Milk hand cream, which is heavy enough to also moisturise my cuticles.

Before I paint my nails, I shape them with O.P.I Crystal Nail File, which I adore. Sometimes, when I'm sick of having long nails, I clip them with this clipper from Kit Cosmetics. It is strong and has a little container to store your clippings. I use Leighton Denny hoof stick to push back my cuticles; the angled side of the stick I use to scoop out 'gems' underneath my nails.

Before I paint my nails I always wash my hands first to remove dirt and oils; it also helps your mani to stay on longer! Then I apply my base coat, not only base coat helps prolong my mani it also prevent your nails from staining. My current favourite is Orly Bonder; it's great because it dries quickly, helps prolong my mani and protect my nails from staining. Sometimes I use O.P.I Original Nail Envy to strengthen my nails. Be careful not to use it too often, too much strengthener makes your nails really hard so they break easily. After base coat, I'll paint my nails with the colour that I want; if my polish gets gloopy I'll use O.P.I Nail Polish Thinner. Please get a thinner and don't use your remover to thin nail polishes as it ruins the formula. To protect and add shine to my mani I use Essie Good to Go topcoat

There are some nail care items that I don't use, simply because I find they do more harm than good. For example is nail buffer as it thins my nails and make them weak, cuticle nippers as I prefer to push my cuticles rather than cutting it and cuticle remover lotion as they peel my nails.  So that is pretty much how I maintain my nails. How is your hand and nail pamper routine?

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