July 4, 2013

Nail Strips





I know that nail strips are not something new in nail trends. They are very easy to apply with zero drying time and it lasts longer than nail polish. However, these babies are not cheap (luckily I got it for free from Kit Cosmetics). Knowing me, I usually leave polish on my nails for about two days (four days tops) so I kinda leave it for someone who would appreciate it more than me. So I applied this to my sister's hand. Yes they are very easy to apply and this has been her fifth day wearing it and still looks beautiful. I totally recommend nail strips to people who loves nail art but have no time in doing it manually.


  1. cute!

    I just picked up some to avoid chips on an upcoming vacation. I too am concerned about boredom. Hopefully it goes as well as your experiment with your sister.


  2. […] lacey accent is from Kit Cosmetic’s nail art strips, I featured them right here, give it a click and see what I have to say about nail […]


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