July 2, 2014

O.P.I Crystal Nail File

When it comes to nail care, I don't own a lot of fancy tools and potions as I find more tools in the market is not doing my nails any good in the long term. But we all agree that a girl needs to have a nail file handy to keep their nails looking neat everytime. Today we're talking about O.P.I Crystal File that has been my go to nail file for over two years now.
If you find traditional emery boards/ metal file is too harsh for you, look this way. One thing that I noticed is that this file doesn't make that annoying scratching sound when you're filing your nails. Also it is reusable; you can was this baby with soap and water and scrub them with a regular toothbrush, dry them and they'll be good to go again. Not gonna lie, for a file it is quite pricey. It cost me around $20, but as I said this has been with me for two years and it's still good as new; this is such a worthy investment.
P.S. I've dropped this a couple of times already and it's still going strong, but I still recommend to be gentle handling it and store it in the case it comes in.

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