May 15, 2014

John Green Nail Art

First of all, no I am not dead. I've just been busy lately and haven't really got time to blog. Not a good excuse but let's get down to business.

John Green is like one of my favourite authors at the moment and I find his book covers are just adorable. Also, I am excited for the release of The Fault in Our Stars movie later this year. So I just know I have to make a mani inspired by it. My index finger is The fault in Our Stars, middle finger is Paper Towns (which I am reading at the moment), ring finger is An Abundance of Katherine, pinky finger is Looking for Alaska.

Oh remember the OPI matte top coat I used in my previous post? Yeah that one. I said I love it because it just gives the most matte effect. Well it is, but the only issue is that it is so draggy and will definetely ruin your design. So just in case you want to try it out, make sure your mani is completely dry beforehand. I have to redo my pinky finger and touch-up my ring finger because of it. So what I did is apply fast dry top coat first and then apply my matte top coat.

So what do you think?

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