February 21, 2014

So as promised, I have another Revlon Parfumerie nail polish to show to you guys. In previous post I gave a big thumbs up, let's see if this one is as good.

This one is called Wintermint. It is a shimmery mint green polish with micro silver glitters and bigger blue glitters. I remember I wanted Deborah Lippman's Mermaid's Dream few years ago but I can't get Deborah Lippman anywhere near me. So when I saw this, I am very excited because it looks exactly the same like it. However is it a dupe or not? I can't tell since I don't own DL ones. Whether it is a dupe or not, I really like how it turns out.

Now, let's talk formula. Again this polish has a more watery consistency. As for me? I prefer more watery formula on shimmer/glittery polishes and thicker consistency on creme polishes. Why? I just do. Application was a breeze, the thin brush really helps in fixing small areas. Just like 'Beachy', the combination of watery consistency and small brush in this polish is really nice. I think it is also worth mentioning, some people think it is quite hard to distribute the glitters evenly across the nails. If this happens to you just dab the brush to areas that needs more glitter and spread it across.
This polish has a thin brush
As for the scent, I think the name defines it all. It smells like peppermint. I love peppermint everything, so totally thumbs up from me. I am pretty sure this one has stronger scent than 'Beachy'. This time around, I wear topcoat and of course the smell is not as strong as without topcoat.

Overall, I really like this polish. Nothing bad I can say about it. The added perfume is such a nice bonus. Now I am thinking to go out and get some more.

So what do you guys think?

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