July 21, 2013

Using Loose Glitter on Nails

Have you guys tried using loose glitter on your nails? Image

It's super fun to use loose glitter on your nails. Simply because they are much cheaper than regular polish; I got mine from a local craft store for only 99 cents. For this mani, I hand placed them randomly on my nails. I use small dotting tool to pick up the glitter and place it on my nails and sandwich it with a natural coloured jelly polish. 

Well, in terms of application, definitely regular glitter polish is easier to work with but yeah I just love trying something new. If you guys want try do a DIY glitter polish by mixing glitter and clear polish, you can, but personally I don't really recommend doing that.

Once I tried to make gold flake topcoat polish with clear polish and gold sheets I bought at a craft store. First they look fine. After an hour the gold flakes sort of sinks into the bottom and is super difficult to catch. After a few hours I have no idea why the polish turned green. It's helpless so I ended up throwing the whole thing away. So now if I want to have that gold flake effect, I have to hand place it just like I did with this one. 

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