May 3, 2013

Swatch and Review: Cirque's Tibetan Nights

Hey guys! So yesterday finally my order from cirque arrived YEAY! I fell in love with what's in the bottle instantly and wipe off my mani to put this on. This polish is also kinda my first indie polish I own and I would love to try other indie brands (but money is kinda tight right now). But from the picture below can you see the amazingness in a small bottle?Image

As you can see, it is a dark blue jelly polish with small glitters. Looks so pretty right? Application was very easy like REALLY VERY EASY. Sorry I just can't chill I love it that much. No streak, no bubbles and best part is it dries super quickly.


To me, the outcome is also very pretty and it becomes opaque in two coats. Definitely loving this.

Quick update: I usually only wear polish for about two days. But this one is just so adorable and I wore it for about five days. During those five days I didn't notice any chipping whatsoever. A very good quality polish! I am using the usual opi base coat and sally hansen top coat

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