March 3, 2014


This week, I've been on a detox mood. I really want to clean up my stash. Wearing shades that I just forget, throwing out some useless shades, re-purposing nail polishes to do some fun DIY project and giving away some that I know the receiver will like.
Anyway, let's just get to the fun part. So I'm just going to write about stuff that I regret buying. Since I blog about nails, let's limit this post to anything hand and nail related. Please note, it is only my opinion, what doesn't work on me might work on you.

First off, is Sportsgirl's nail polishes, now Sportgirl is an Australian retail brand, I think you can compare it to Topshop. They sell clothing and some makeup products as well. Why I regret buying these? First of all, they are not cheap, they are about AUD 8.95 each. For less than that, I can get a better quality of nail polishes. Second, is the staying power. Seriously, this has the worst staying power of all in my collection. Application wise they are not too bad. Lastly, they just took forever to dry. They do have some nice selection of colors though! Especially for the neon yellow one, it's just a pain to remove and they stain my nails and cuticles.

Next is the Sally Hansen Nail art pen. I am actually a big fan of Sally Hansen's product; affordable and are very good quality. You've seen me talk a lot about their products and I usually love them. I always get excited whenever they came out with new products. This one got big thumbs down from me. First of all they are pricey, I got this one from Priceline around 10$; I don't remember the exact price. Also, for the price you only get 2 ml of product! What?? Next, the consistency is just too watery. I can't do anything with it, took such a long time to dry and is prone to smearing when applying top coat. It's just me but I thought using Sharpie on your nails will work better than this. Now, I use it as a regular marker to write.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Hand Cream is one stuff that I really wish I would like. When I tried the tester I thought I will really like this hand cream; it might be an amazing overnight heavy hand cream. Once applied, it sinks in pretty quickly but you know it's still there. I also happen to like the smell, it's like a sweet herb-y smell. However, this does nothing to me. Applied it the night before and woke up with even drier hands than it already is.

Another nail care related products, it is the Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover. It just doesn't do anything to me. It's weird, not only it dissolves my cuticles but it also dissolves my nails, at the end I find my nails peels like crazy. Yikes! I tried to leave it for not too long, but still it doesn't do any good. This one just went straight to the bin.

Finally is the natural products nail polish remover pads. When I got it I thought this would be a convenient remover on the go. It smells yummy and one pad is actually all you need for all of your nails. For the price, you get 100 pads which is a lot. It claims to be alcohol and acetone free so it shouldn't be as drying as other regular polish remover. However, removing your nail polish with this stuff takes forever to do! It is not drying to my cuticles but it is very drying to the nails.

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