January 23, 2014

Warning! This is Not a Nail-Related Post

Hey, so I constantly post things related to nails. I love nail polish and it is my passion. Well it actually started with my other passion which is drawing. Now, I keep on posting some of my 'artworks' on Instagram. I love drawing as much as I love nail art, to me they are pretty much the same thing. I am actually thinking about making another blog for only my drawings, but sketches take so much longer than one nail art and I think it will be boring to only post stuff like once in a year?

Without further ado, this post is about one of my recent drawings. It took me almost a month to finish this. Actually if you are an expert artist reading this, you might think this is just a simple portrait. Ok, I do not usually commented much on my own drawing but to me I have a lot to say about this and I think my blog is just the right place.

So, what took me so long to finish this? Well my parents came over and I am kinda 'busy', the thing about drawing is (especially with the hair part in this situation) it is hard to pick up where we left off. The way I do drawings is that I look at the object I strongly believe in 'do not draw what you know draw what you see' thing. So yeah.

Also, this is my first time actually drawing portraits in A4 paper. The size kinda shock me. I usually draw in A5 paper. To be honest I am learning and I still use grids now and then. I tried to reduce the use of it now. Also one valuable thing I learn from this is that ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HAND CLEAN when drawing; no hand cream, no oil whatsoever. Do you see those blotchy parts? Yes it's because I forgot to wash my hand and touch the paper and that's the result.

I am pleased with how it turned out even though I know had I sit for a few hours and finish it by then I will came up with greater result. The reddish background looks nice in my opinion. Even though it is one of those happy little accident. I used a stained brush to do the background and that's what came out.

Anyways posted this on Facebook and Instagram and my friends seem to like it. I hope you like it too!

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