July 15, 2013

Holographic Polish: FNUG's Futuristica Swatch and Review


FNUG's 'Futuristica' is my first and only holo I own. I know that there is FNUG Aqua Fix Base Coat to prevent patchiness and makes the holo effect even more visible. Yes, there is an issue with bald patches but it evened out after the second and third layer. For this pic I used 5 coats. For me, the extra $$$ are just not worth it. Using top coat after application also dulls the holo effect. For this pic I don't use base coat and top coat and obviously it chips within an hour. At that moment, for me this polish is such a waste.

However, I decided to give it a go again few weeks later. I discovered that to make a holo lasts longer you should sandwich between polish and top coat and polish and top coat again and again until you reach desired opaqueness. For the last coat I only apply top coat on the tips of my nails. It worked and I'm so happy I get about 2 days wearing. Not as long as regular polish, but it will do.

Have any of you try any holographic polish? How you make it lasts longer and to make the effect even crazier?


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